Woman Saftey Workshop by WIE for self defence

The IEEE WIE Affinity group, LNMIIT organized a "Women Safety Workshop" on September 24, 2014 only for girls.The workshop was conducted in view of increasing women molestation cases and aimed to empower the self sufficiency of women and use of self defense tactics in case of any emergency. The students were also informed about various women emergency helpline numbers and the usage of safety kits. The event saw a huge participation and was very helpful to the the girls.

Git Workshop

LNMIIT IEEE Student Branch organised a workshop on Git, GitHub on 1st April 2015. There was a huge participation from students of first year, wanting to learn the in's and out's of OpenSource community.The workshop was taken by Vishwajeet Narwal (2nd year) and Kumar Shubhar (3rd year), members of the IEEE executive committee. The workshop covered the uses of GitHub, its structure and its working. There was also a practical demonstration of all the commands required to work with GitHub.

Winter Workshop

Now, everywhere we look around seems to be digital. The Movies we see, the songs we play so why not study a little about it. In the winters IEEE student Branch organised a workshop to deal many of those answers. The areas covered in the workshop along with respective instructors were: Digital Image Processing (Abhinash Kumar Jha) Computer Vision (Rahul Pandey) Biomedical Signal Processing (Kunwar Saurabh) Machine Learning (Vishwajeet Narwal) The workshop covered basics of DIP,Machine Learning and Computer Vision. After basics of Machine Learning, Some of the newly proposed algorithms for Machine Learning like Extreme Learning Machine and Optimisation techniques were also discussed. Around 59 students registered for the workshop, but only 3 showed enough determination to sacrifice their sloth and attend the workshop and labs. The three only students worthy of getting certificate are :
1. Anshika Mittal
2. Diksha Bhateja
3. Shruti Sharma

Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics Workshop

Great advances have been made in the field of bioengineering within the past twenty years, leading to increased incorporation of engineering principles in the fields of biology and medicine. This field holds tremendous potential in solving medical problems and is one of the most researched areas around the globe today. The scientific program of the workshop is based on plenary presentations by the speakers, with some of the allocated time reserved for in-depth discussion. Distinguished speakers will be invited to participate in the workshop and present topics on their recent work. The workshop will provide a scientific forum for further development and research and will aim to establish new bonds that will bring forward our understanding, and promote technologically successful applications.

Artificial Intelligence and its Applications Workshop

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it. Artificial Intelligence has always been a research-rich field with a number of challenging and practically significant problems spanning many areas. These include language processing, multi-agent systems, web mining, information retrieval, semantic web, e-learning etc. Artificial Intelligence, hence can offer a wide range of challenging problems matching the plate of every academic or professional.

Workshops on Antenna and RF Systems

Microwave and antennas are used in almost all the communication systems and electronic gadgets starting from the mobile to radar. The aim of workshop is to motivate students and make awareness among the faculty members to learn the latest advancement of the subject, and thus utilize this knowledge in their projects to carve out incredible things. The workshop also aims at developing a general thought about the present and future communication systems. This will be a platform for the students to grab knowledge in the field of Applied Electromagnetics in Defense applications, Antennas Used in EMI/EMC Measurements and about the coming technology of Microwave integrated circuits. The workshop not only focuses on knowing in depth of present technologies in this domain but also believe the students to learn the basics and fundamentals of microwaves. The events are being organized to provide a broad forum for academic interactions with seminars and tutorials on the present cut edge technologies. This would provide an extensive opportunity to the participants for knowledge sharing and exhibition of theoretical and technological development in the general areas of applied Electromagnetics .

Next Generation W3C Web Technologies

The objective is to implement Web based services including m-governance applications on Mobile Devices across device and platforms and all 22 constitutionally recognized Indian languages. The goal of this Workshop is to get community input and feedback on the "Mobile Web Initiative". Specifically, the workshop will look at the current issues with mobile Web access, and how they should be addressed. The importance of web accessibility in India will be accounted and the targeted peoples who will get benefitted by this initiative, the use of web accessibility in India and challenges associated with respect to Indian languages. As multilingual web is an approach towards making web more accessible by everyone and especially in the context of its accessibility in all 22 national recognized language of India.


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